Sunday, November 28, 2010


Farook College and Devakiamma College of Pharmacy
27th November 2010

1. As part of the one day workshop organized in the two colleges one team comprising of Dr U.C.A. Jaleel, Harish (Research Scholar, MCC), Hari (Zamorin's Guruvayurappan College) and Shamshudeen osdd cheminformatics went to the Devakiamma College to conduct the Morning Session.

2. Another team comprising of Dr Preetha Anil (OSDD - WSF), Miss Sahila (SCARMM, SIAS) and Fahim (SAFI) went to the Farook College to conduct the Morning Session.

3. The morning session comprised of talks delivered by Dr Jaleel and Dr Preetha regarding the OSDD, Sysborg Portal, Tuberculosis research, the way students and teachers can collaborate to the ongoing nation wide research, various aspects regarding the use of available tools and resources etc aided by Powerpoint presentation. 

4. The afternoon session comprised of setting up of OSDD-JSF and how to associate with the OSDD-WSF and the ongoing projects which can be collaborated and associated with. 

5. The second session also was spiced up by the skype meeting held in Devakiamma College in which Dr P. Selvam (Prof. and Head, Dept of Pharmaceutical Chemistry) had a intellectual discussion with Dr S. Ramachandran, the students also had an interactive session with Dr Ramachandran.

6. Dr K.B.Manoj (Sree Buddha College, Alleppy) was also present in skype with Aishwarya and Vineetha from JDT College.

7. One OSDD - JSF each has been set up in both the colleges, the list will be published in Sysborg very soon. 

8. The Farook College audience comprised of Dr Mujeeb (Dept. of Chemistry, Calicut University), Miss Kavitha (Farook College) and the I Semester M.Sc Chemistry students.

9. The Devakiamma College audience comprised of Dr Selvam, many other faculty members and the I semester M.Pharm students.  
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The essence of open mode of research is gaining momentum with more and more colleges joining the fore, until next meeting......

Thanks and Regards,  
Dr Preetha Anil,
OSDD Women Scientist Forum,
C2D OSDD Cheminformatics,

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